Редакция журнала "Секретарское дело" рекомендует для изучения ДЕЛОВОГО английского языка (по Скайпу) г-жу Элисон Макошей.


Редакция журнала "Секретарское дело" рекомендует для изучения ДЕЛОВОГО английского языка (по Скайпу) г-жу Элисон Макошей.

Элисон Макошей имеет большой опыт обучения языку руководителей и топ-менеджеров из России, Германии, Швеции, Франции, Италии (проживает на Мальте)

Alison Makoschey
Oxford UK, May 30th 1969

I was born in a quiet village outside Oxford and attended the local girl’s grammar school. I had intended to study Economics at university but due to an enthusiastic English teacher, discovered a
new found passion for the subject and went on to study English at Reading University.

Growing up in the 1980’s, girls were encouraged not to choose typically female professions, such as teaching and nursing so the idea of being a teacher never crossed my mind. After graduating I followed my chosen career of working in the media, beginning with television and ending with the press. I worked as a copywriter in the advertising department for some years until a move to Malta, my mother’s country, led to an involuntary but fortunate change of career.

I had intended to continue my profession working for a Maltese newspaper but on arrival discovered I would also need to speak Maltese, not something I could do. Desperate for work a friend suggested I started teaching English to foreigners — I spoke English so how difficult could it be?

I had never wanted to be a teacher and only thought of the job as temporary, just until the right job came along. However, to my surprise I fell in love with teaching. My passion for the English language was revived and I could share this feeling and knowledge with people from all over the world.

Now, 16 years later, after numerous training courses and thousands of lessons this enthusiasm is as strong as ever. I have been lucky enough to work in many different countries, from Scotland to Malta, Germany and Gozo (Malta’s smaller and quieter sister island).

My own business experience and training enables me to help students focus on their needs and specific vocabulary. As a result, I have taught students from a variety of professions, for example; banking, insurance, manufacturing, engineering, telecommunications and the media, and many different positions from trainee to board member. Students ask me if I ever get bored teaching the same thing again and again and I answer them honestly saying you can never get bored as no class or lesson is ever the same because the classes differs with the students. The students bring the knowledge and experience and I help them communicate that in English. I have met so many interesting people in my life and heard wonderfully funny stories, stories of bravery and heartbreaking stories that can actually bring you to tears.

I have learned so much from my students; life in different countries, different philosphies and business styles that I can only hope to share a fraction of this with my future students. My personal teaching philosophy is that learning must be fun. If students are enjoying themselves then they learn more, and I enjoy the lesson more too.

Students’ motivation for learning a language vary a lot, perhaps for work, travel, a family wedding. One thing is the same, they all need to communicate in a world that is getting smaller all the time. English is the international language and I hope I can bring my students a little closer to their dreams and aims. I hope to instill students with the enthusiasm needed to continue learning when they return home. In the words of an old Chinese proverb, «Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself».

Online English lessons give students the chance to either continue their studies or start afresh from the comfort of their own home. In these busy times people seldom have the time to attend English lessons but the advantage of online English is that you do not need to leave your home or office, a big plus for people living in big cities such as Moscow, where the commuting times eat up a large part of your day. Using all the features currently available on the internet, learning English can now be a multimedia event using video, music and up-to-the-minute articles and news items.

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